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Regenerative Medicine


Regenerative Medicine

With recent advances in tissue engineering and research, there is hope that many orthopaedic conditions may eventually be treated with less invasive measures that can harness the bodies’ own ability to heal. At St Clair Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine we are able to offer you this possibility by offering you platelet-rich-
plasma therapy (PRP) or stem cell therapy.

For PRP treatment in our office we draw your blood, and by placing that blood in a special machine we are able to separate out the healing factors. We then inject those factors from your blood back into your body at the site of disease or injury which may expedite healing and recovery. Stem cell therapy requires we aspirate blood and cells from your bone, and then inject those healing factors back into your
body. Let us help you get back to your full and active life.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Stem Cells

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Dr. Kirk Cleland, M.D.

Hand Surgery & Upper Extremity

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